Quality and Safety

MohsA aims for optimal, patient-friendly care of the highest quality. The dermatologists of MohsA work in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch Association of Dermatology and Venereology, and treatments are performed according to protocols. They attend national and international conferences to give presentations, share knowledge, and exchange information on the newest developments with colleagues from all over the world. There are regular internal courses and scientific meetings with the entire MohsA team.
Each year, all employees and doctors follow Basic Life Support training, and in addition several employees are trained as emergency response officers.
Yearly, the equipment is tested on functional safety by an independent agency.

ZKN-quality mark
MohsA has obtained the ZKN-quality mark certification. This means that the quality MohsA delivers meets strict standards. The ZKN-quality mark controls the entire care process in clinics, from diagnosis to treatment results. Next to the quality and professionalism of the medical staff, treatments, intake, safety of equipment, infection prevention, waiting times, after care, and customer satisfaction are tested. MohsA has also obtained the Safety Management System certificate, which is part of the ZKN quality mark.
For more information: www.zkn.nl (in Dutch).

Dutch Society of Dermatology and Venereology
The dermatologists of MohsA are members of the Dutch Society of Dermatology and Venereology, and were audited by this professional society in 2012. This involved an inspection of the appearance of the clinic and the team processes by fellow dermatologists. In addition, it was checked whether the dermatologists and clinic meet the criteria and standards of the Dutch Society of Dermatology and Venereology.

MohsA has hygiene protocols to prevent infections, which are observed by all employees. This process is monitored by the Department of Hygiene and Infection Prevention of the Elkerliek Hospital in Helmond

Our equipment and instruments is sterilized by the (ISO certified) sterilization department of the Viecuri Hospital in Venlo.

Medication checks
BENU pharmacist Buitenlust provides and checks the medication that is used in MohsA. This pharmacist is located at the ground floor, in the same building, and will also deliver the medication that is prescribed by your physician.

MohsA is an advanced, innovative skin centre that uses state-of-the-art equipment and instruments. Therefore we also use an electronic patient file. This has the advantage that your file is available at any time of the day and also in the weekends, if needed by the physician on call.
Our electronic patient file is not linked with the files of general practitioners, hospitals or other clinics. Exchange of patient information only occurs upon request after receipt of a patient’s written permission

To guarantee your privacy, MohsA observes all legal requirements that institutions need to meet in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act.
MohsA employees will observe these rules of confidentiality of patient information at all times.
For more information:  http://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/persoonsgegevens.

Each visit to a health care provider (for instance a general practitioner or specialist), a patient needs to show legitimation. This is prescribed by the Dutch Health Insurance Act of 2006.
Therefore, MohsA is obliged to check your identity and you are requested to bring your identification document at each visit.

At MohsA, safety is a matter of the greatest importance. Unsafe situations or incidents need to be prevented at all times. Therefore, MohsA has developed a Safety Management System, which has been certified via the ZKN quality mark. For more information: see Quality and Safety.

MohsA offers an open and transparent work environment in which safety has a high priority and where an incident or unsafe situation can be reported freely and without repercussions. For us it is important that patients can do so as well. Therefore, should you encounter an incident or unsafe situation, please report this to one of our employees or by sending an email.


If you are not satisfied with your treatment by or the conduct of MoshA staff, we would like to be informed as well. You can do so by filling out one of the complaint forms available at the desk, or by sending us an email or letter. Your complaint will be handled by the quality manager of MohsA. To enable us to respond within one week to try and find a solution, please mention your name, date of birth and address.


MohsA, Buitenlust 35, 5803 ZA Venray.
Phone 088-1666111

Should you not be satisfied with the solution suggested by our internal team, you can further contact an independent external complaints committee.


Klachtencommissie EMS
Zusterplein 22, 3703 CB Zeist
Phone 030-6970815