About MohsA

Welcome to our MohsA website

MohsA is the umbrella name for all our high-quality and patient-friendly dermatological care. Our dermatologists, skin therapists and nurses are continuously improving the dermatological care and treatments. The aim is to treat our patients in the most optimal way. Hospitality, patient satisfaction and focus on the human being are essential.

MohsA has divided its care and treatment activities in such a way that optimal dermatological care and patient satisfaction can be guaranteed. Therefore, we hardly have waiting lists. Patients can visit us within five days at one of our locations, in urgent cases even on the very same day.


MohsA consists of:

MohsA Huidcentrum:                   The skin centre MohsA Huidcentrum delivers all dermatological care and treatments in a professional and pleasant setting.

MohsA Clinics:                                  MohsA Clinics is the expert centre for skin cancer and Mohs surgery in the Netherlands.

MohsA Mooi:                                   MohsA Mooi is the centre for cosmetic treatments that usually are not covered by Dutch health insurances.

MohsAcademy:                               MohsAcademy trains (experienced) dermatologists to become Mohs Surgeons.